Friday, February 3, 2017

First Snag

On starting my masters is the fact that they want a diversity or multicultural credit. Not something the university I attended offered that I can find. Figures.  Tried the local applied technology college to the same result, though I might call both just to be sure.
They gave me a list of two online colleges that offer what I need, though it won't be cheap-big surprise there-regardless of where I go to get the class.  Can't start until I finish it with a C or better.
Otherwise I'm ready to go according to the transcripts I sent them. Have everything I need except that one class.
Finally heard back from a big job I applied for, though they caught me during a very busy two week period so I asked them to wait until after next week when I'd have more time to do the training and stuff.  Still want the job of course, but had other commitments for these two weeks.  Been doing a lot of substitute teaching this month, which is fun and challenging.  Had a student who refused to follow the rules about cell phones during a quiz and then refused to give it to me.  Then they nearly ran out the door despite my having told them to stay behind.  So I got some insight into troublesome students. Fun.

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