Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi Day!

Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose as that's why its a holiday(of a sort, it just give restaurants and such a 'deal' to offer that falls under that category)and it's a math term.  Which means at work we were offering slices of pie half off if you bought food first.  Not a lot of people interested, but I think we made a dent in the number of pies the pastry people made for today.  And there's still several hours to go.  Grabbed two lemon pies for my mom on my way out the door.
Got off on time today, which was a relief as yesterday I got off over an hour late.  Not too worried about it as I had no big plans-just getting the blackberries out of the way in the garden so we could plant.  My dad is trying to make trellis' for them to climb instead of spider webbing out over the garden area-and a little extra on my check is not a bad thing.
Still need to do the stuff on my truck like the parking brake, drain the radiator, change the oil, clean it so I can find where the power steering's leaking, you get the idea.  Nothing that will kill the car, though the brake problem might get me killed, or in a lot of trouble.
Class is a little boring as its a lot of reading and watching long wordy videos, but its short otherwise.  Three assignments done and turned in, but at least twelve more to go.