Monday, March 6, 2017

Day One

Of the last class I need before I can start my master's program.  And it's online. Sigh. Got through the intro stuff anyway.  Just the usual syllabus quiz and reading, though I'm still waiting for my textbook.  Figures.
Got to babysit my nieces and nephew from saturday to sunday.  Given he's too young to need much besides food and attention, it was more keeping an eye out for him while keeping his sisters occupied.  They are kind of at each other a lot right now.  Something about getting a new sibling I believe.
Finally got the garage door people to fix it so it opens now.  After we reorganized the stuff in there to accommodate a fridge freezer combo.  Good thing we did it last week as it snowed last night.  Made it really cold for the door fixer.  But it works now.
Having trouble getting sub jobs for this week as the only day off I have is friday.  But I found one for a junior high P.E. teacher-female this time, last time was male(oops)though it worked out fine-all day.  Kind of kills my day off, but since I only work mornings so far that leaves the afternoon for trying to see how fast I can finish this class-supposedly I can do it in 8 weeks instead of 12, meaning I'd get done in April instead of late May.
I guess we'll see.

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