Friday, March 31, 2017


Had to get that done this week, and I was a little stressed about it.  But I got 76% on the multiple choice(wasn't as familiar with the vocabulary as I thought I was) and 90% on the written(yeah, two part thing).  Funny part was we had to watch a video for the written part and it was one I'd seen in a previous history class so I didn't have to watch all of it, just enough to refresh my memory.  Which was fun as it was a cool video about a third grade teacher giving their students a object lesson-which lasted three days total-about discrimination and how hurtful it is.  Then they went back years later and talked about how they hated the teacher at the time for doing it, but after they were very grateful the teacher had gone to the trouble.
Rain keeps digging up the snow peas! Agh! Have to keep an eye on them as the first time some had slugs eating them.  Good news is i can see them getting bigger and so I know they're still good.  But the other rows don't seem to have lost their seeds, but some are so small spotting them would be a miracle. Figures.  Seedling tray is sprouting, though keeping it watered is a bit tricky.  I can't pour water in one side or the plants don't get watered equally.  Most of them have grown more than one of the seeds so I need to do some thinning either today or tomorrow.
Keep seeing a lot of places hiring lately, which is weird but I currently have two jobs(applied for another one that's full time but no word yet aside from a assessment thing that most places want done now and is very annoying)I'm not terribly interested in them.  I have to say that two jobs can be stressful given I never have a day off anymore it seems.  But the substitute teaching one I can set up around my work schedule so no conflicting stuff.  Next week is spring break though, so I'll have plenty of spare time(ha ha ha, not. Got plenty to do around the house anyway and school stuff to work out)and to laze and such.

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