Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Over!!!

The end is in sight.  Actually, I just finished my last final (and did very well, considering I couldn't study-stayed up late last night finishing my last article, as my dad pointed out that I'd forgotten the works cited page.  He also spent the last fifteen minutes I was working on it attackering(yes, I know its not a word, but that's how I describe it so he and I know its just good fun) me so it took longer.  It also kept me awake, so I'm not complaining) and got 77% on it.  Did notice that four questions had the answers (or a answer) printed under the question but over the possible answers.  Told the teacher and tried to ignore them.
Got off work early yesterday to go to a mother daughter night in my mom's ward.  They had a large selection of homemade popcorn, quilts to tie (where we spent most of the evening), one recently returned missionary did a magic show (there were little girls there too), and crazy pictures.  After we left my sister took me to Barnes and Noble to find a magazine (I had no luck with local grocery stores) before the final efforts on my article.
Had to read said final draft today in class (that was our 'final' but the teacher didn't grade us on it).  I was third (they picked randomly to avoid in sense of favoritism or students trying to get out of it) and I guess we were all tired because the first two had good responses, but mine had a good ten seconds of silence before the teacher asked if there were questions or comments.  But a classmate told me late it wasn't because mine was awful (yes, that is what I feared) just that it made you think and it's the last day of class.  Plus everyone had to get up for class and we always seemed tired for the 7:30 meeting.
Then I had to run get stamps for my envelopes-the only thing I forgot-before giving it to him for final evaluation and mailing.
My friend and I both had a hiccup attack at work yesterday.  She got them first, and they went for a good fifteen minutes(I felt bad, as they sounded uncomfortable towards the end) before-as she put it-she yelled at them to scare them off.  After she went home and I had a 30 minute break I got them.  Mine were just as bad, so after ten minutes I texted her to jokingly tell her she'd given them to me.  She then informed me of the yelling at them trick (by then, of course, I'd gotten rid of them).
The fun part was we were trimming bushes and expired daylillies when she got hers, and I was dumping pine wood chips (they smelled really good as they were fresh) in the same bed where the daylillies were.  Then my supervisor dumped a shovelful of the chips on my shoe, so I had to take both off (not sure how they got in the other shoe) to get the splinters out.
Blew off the sidewalks after that, and ate dirt again thanks to a poorly timed gust of wind.
We get to paint again tomorrow.  Why they cut the soccer field grass so short I'm not sure, but it makes the paint last for a shorter period of time compared to the football practice field.  So we have to repaint it the day before every game, or at least the same week as one.

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