Saturday, August 3, 2013

It was one of Those Days...

Two of them actually.  My parents are afraid I broke my collar bone or injured my rotator cuff in that fall.  Got to dirty glove a large patch of morning glory after that.  Thursday Had the finger injury, and I kept tipping over my bucket of grass clippings-if the wind didn't steal my pile first.  The wind certainly helped with blowing off the stands, but I didn't get that done.
And before that I had to sit out of swim class.  Thankfully the teacher still counted it.  Last day for institute though...
Heard a funny conversation on the radio before I fell.  I'm not sure who all the speakers were, so they are just voices.
1st conversation:
Voice 1: (hiss static) garbled question.
Voice 2: who are you looking for (voice 1)?
Voice 1: You.
Voice 2: What can I do for you?
Voice 1: hiss, static, wind noises
Voice 2: Sorry (voice 1) I'm only getting static.
Voice 1: Slightly clearer question. (I didn't get it, but 2 did somehow).
Voice 2: Where are you?
Voice 1: plaza (southwest of where I was).
Voice 2: okay I see you.
Five minutes later I heard this:
Voice 3: Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off!
Voice 1: copy that.
Voice 2: did you get that (voice 1)? Turn it off.
Voice 1: copy that, it off.
I think they were working with a irrigation line, as we don't fix or turn on/off anything else.

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