Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Tired of Being Tired...

Getting to bed way too late and still having to get up early is so not good as I head to finals week.  Only two classes to worry about (my swim class 'final' is water polo tomorrow).  But we had to deal with two 'emergencies' at work yesterday.  One involved a pipe and a magpie, the other was just turning a water line back one.  the first took most of the time anyway.  We did get the soccer field painted, when we were originally doing the football practice field. 
Saw Into Darkness on monday ( my mom talking me into taking 2.5 hours off work for that, and I'm kinda glad I did).  Have to buy half my lunch, as we are running very low on leftovers (as in out).  Got distracted by a stupid book after class today, but still got stuff done.  Missed registering for a class I'd been on the waitlist for, so now I'm back to waiting (had to redo the waitlist thing ARGH!)
Got to go to work now...

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