Thursday, August 8, 2013

That was Awesome!

Okay, I'm still a little excited about it.  Today was my swim class final (if you call playing water polo a final).  Mainly because the teacher didn't want us to have class during finals week.  But my team got behind by 2 after the first half hour (yeah, it took that long for either team to score).  We had two teams with four or five each.  Mine had five until after the other team scored-we'd caught up and tied the score at 2-2, then they scored.  One of the girls on my team was switched to the other team (class was a bit male dominated today, with only three girls and the rest men).  Then my team scored to tie, and right before the end of class, the man on my team who'd scored 2 of our 3 goals (I was goalie, because they said I was good at it) turned around to keep the ball away from the other team, so his back was to the goal, threw it over his left shoulder (with his left hand) over the goalie's head, and nailed the goal without looking.  So we won at 4-3 right at the last minute.
I did have to tell one of the men on the other team to keep his hands to himself, because he kind of wrapped an arm around my waist while trying to get by.  He apologized and moved away.
We got the painting done on the practice field yesterday, and cleaned the stuff up before we left. I am so glad I got the paperwork done early (we have to record what we worked on during the day) because I didn't have time after.
Going to be working on my own today, as my supervisor is coming early for a back to school breakfast thing.  And nobody else works swing shift of course.  My shoulder is gradually improving, thanks to swimming, believe it or not.  Cold water and exercise at the same time.  It feels soooo good...

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