Wednesday, August 28, 2013


didn't realize what today was, even after I got to school.  But I was running late (was actually late to my photography class, and I've managed to avoid being late for over a year).  We had fun though.  The teacher had us running around campus with pinpoint cameras (basically a light tight container with a pinhole for the 'lens' that you use your hand for the shutter) taking pictures and learning how to make our own exposure times.  Pinpoint cameras teach that through the fact that to little time means no picture, and too much means a lot of black image.
I also got a great deal on the camera for the class.  The art store had a one time sale for a brand new camera.  Only $50 total.  For a $235 camera!  Of course, I had to drag it around with me to work, as it warmed back up so leaving it in the car was asking to break it.
That spider came back.  Turned out to be a tarantula with a large bald spot on it's back.
Spent yesterday and monday helping mow crew keep up with mowing, and today we were trimming.
Got my new ipod, but haven't had time to put music on it.  Too many other things to do.

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