Monday, November 4, 2013


Last week was a yoyo for emotions in my family, or at least thats how my dad put it.  there was the down of my grandpa dying, the up of my sister having her baby, the down of my grandpa's viewing and funeral, the up of visiting my sister and her new baby at their home after they left the hospital, the down of leaving to go home but visiting my aunt because we'd missed her birthday(it was the same day as the viewing) and watching her try not to cry, the up of finding out MY DAD PASSED HIS FINAL COLLEGE CLASS and will graduate in July next year, the down of listening to Music and the Spoken word and of course they mention obituaries, the up of my grandmother visiting, and the down of her bringing my mom a gift to remember her dad by.  So yeah, my emotions are a bit out of whack today.
Then I had a dream last night of talking to a current institute course classmate (the same one who helped me with the institute marquee on monday last week) in the entrance of my old high school building.  He (yes, I do occasional dream about guys) was telling me not to worry about something with his back to the doors right as a tsunami burst through them.  I somehow wind up in a corner stair well trying to climb to an upper level with him on the walkway were I'm climbing the railing.  A second tsunami hits and he vanishes while i get pushed against the railing, and almost over it.  Then it shifts to me watching (like on a live T.V.) a rough road near a intersection where a truck hits a puddle on my side of it (it was moving towards me) flips it's rear end up, smashes the front end against the pavement, then falls back.  This leaves the older male driver (who's dressed in a dark shirt with a tan hat) writhing against his seat as the airbags didn't deploy.  His female (and much younger) passenger has long brown hair and is screaming in hysteria.
I have weird dreams sometimes...
But I got my third photography project in.  Maybe he'll give us back the pictures he took out and hung in the hallway.  Now I've got to start taking pictures of stuff I want to double shoot.  This should be fun...

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