Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sometimes Technology Bugs Me.

Why is it that when I have something I want to do there is the strong chance the internet site I need for it will be having issues?  Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit there.  But I need to retake my math quiz (33%-yick) and the site won't even let me log in.  Figures.  And the second test is next week!
Snowed last night and over half of today-and stuck, though not on the roads much.  But it made the roads wet so I left early for my first day.  My manager-temporary, as they are in charge of another site and only assigned to mine for yesterday and today( because our regular one was not ready or something)-was joking that a part of the rug for the set was loose and tripping people up.  I commented that it would be just my luck to land on my face my first day on the job.  It didn't actually happen, but we did keep tripping up on it all day.
Running way behind on Nano now...bad time for getting sick and a bit of writers block-got past it, but still 4,000 words behind.

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