Thursday, November 7, 2013


I got the part today!  I still had to get dropped off at school by my brother because I couldn't get it until later anyway.  I took the bus home and accidentally got dropped off one stop before mine.  Only a five minute walk though.  A friend from institute kindly gave me a ride the rest of the way home.  Only I forgot a key to the house, so I checked all the doors to the outside.  I found one, which is not really a good thing.  I made sure it was locked after I got in though.  Then I walked the dogs.
Tried to get more double shot pictures, but those are hard to get, and it was cloudy in addition to that.  I did get a few though.
My parents went to the temple so rather than waiting for my dad to fix my car, I grabbed the brother who'd dropped me off and we got started putting in the new part.  Only to realize that we had to put the new serpentine belt on first or we'd have to take it all right back off to get it on anyway.  It took ten to fifteen minutes to get the new pulley on as we had to line up three holes in a row by touch-there was no way to get light or an angle to see it.  Then we had to torque something in the engine in order to get the belt all the way on.
I washed my hands afterwards but I still have black all over my hands.  That stuff sticks.

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