Friday, November 8, 2013

Me Stupid, No Play That Game no More...

Or at least that's how my uncle put my 'blonde' moment this morning.  Was driving to school and my truck began making a sound like a deep drawn out groan.  Made it to committee meeting fine, but after that I went to check the parts I'd put in yesterday.  Two of the bolts had worked loose, and worn down one side of the belt.  It's still good, but not as good as it was.  My uncle helped me tighten them properly-after he fixed me up.  I didn't have the tools to tighten it myself, and I wasn't going to drive it home like that.  So I found a adjustable wrench at a nearby grocery store.  I was trying to open the package with a knife(word to the wise, playing with sharp metal objects is dangerous-doing so when you're tired is far worse) and it jerked free of the plastic zip tie-it did cut it off-and into the middle finger of my left hand that I'd stupidly put in the way of the blade.  Also skinned the back of my ring finger a bit, below the nail, but not near as bad.
I wound up asking my uncle for help-a friend from the institute gave me a ride down to his house-in fixing it.  All they had at the institute was a cloth wrap, which worked for a temporary pressure bandage.  My uncle told me I did that very well for having to do it one handed, but that I also used more than I really needed.  He took it off and had me run it under very cold water for about twenty minutes while he got his supplies together. Then he put steri strips on it to hold it closed, covered those with a large wide band aid, and then strapped that on with two pieces of specialty tape.
He followed me home to make sure I got there okay and the belt received no further wear.  He did stop to help someone change a tire since all they had was one of those pathetic 'scissor' jacks they usually put in the car.
So I'm a bit one handed at the moment, and a bit behind for Nanowrimo too.  Agrh...

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