Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We did the yearly shooting range with my mom's extended family this morning.  I didn't shoot due to my shoulder injury from earlier this year bugging me already.  Though if you want to be technical I did shoot, just not a gun.  I took pictures with my 35mm black and white camera for my final photography project.  I may even have got one of a clay pigeon bursting from a hit!
Yesterday I drove my brother's car to school and to work.  While I had it parked at work in the mall parking lot-I work in one of those pictures with Santa booths they set up for Christmas in the mall-someone clipped the front bumper on the driver's side and tore it partway off.  Broke the cover for the headlight on that side but the light still works.  My dad got a call from the city police about it.  The person who hit it left a note with their name and number.  Mall security found it and called the police.  That's why they called my dad.  He came with the rm brother to try and fix it and give me another car.  I wound up driving it home anyway, because they were able to get the bumper back in place and then they duct taped it on.  Other than some wobbling in third gear at around 30 mph, it still works fine.
I'm just not having good luck with cars this month...

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