Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cold Cold Cold...

Not really, but its getting there.  My photograph class was a bit funny and sad today.  Only five of us students showed up, and all of us were women.  I guess people don't like coming to class when they haven't got started on the next project yet?  They missed the fun.  Three of us (sadly I wasn't one of them, but I went anyway) were developing film while the teacher told us about doing multiple film.  That sounds like the kind of fun I'd like to try.  Photograms and messing with the print during (sometimes before-if you don't mess with the film itself) the developing process.  That was fun, as we grabbed some stuff lying around the lab and made three right after they others finished developing their film.  I left early to get some other stuff done.
On my way to school I saw a side swipe type accident between a white toyota four door and a red chevy cobalt, I think.  The white car was trying to merge into the left lane, where the red car was.  They either didn't see the red car, or didn't look before they turned, as they tried to merge and hit the front passenger side tire well of the red car.  The red car saw them trying to merge too close but too late to avoid the collision.  They both pulled over to the center lane as I passed, where I saw the damage to the red car.
The part for my truck won't be here til tomorrow.  Sigh...So I'm still having transportation issues.

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