Monday, November 11, 2013

I Want to Kill my Truck... to guess what it decided to do today? Ggrrrr.  I got to school fine, with no further problems.  Even got my first set of film for the next project developed-a lot of the pictures are good!-so that was all going well, despite mother nature knocking this morning...
Anyway, I get done with institute and put the key in to the ignition.  There is the customary beeping that comes before I actually start the car.  Twisted the forward to start it and it was like the beeping was drained.  No click, no cough to life.  Just the rapid wind down of the beeping sound.  I turned the key back, waited a bit, then tried again.  Even less action than the first try.  I turned the key all the way off and took it out, waited a minute, and tried again.  Still that same thing.
I called my sister to come get me, but she was delayed a bit.  A young man from the institute stopped by (after three others and a mother daughter combo) and pulled his car around with a new set of jumper cables.  After letting it charge for a good fifteen minutes (I kid you not, it wouldn't start before then) it finally started and I was able to get it home.  My sister tried to meet up with me halfway but was further delayed by impatient people who don't look where they are going.  She just came home after me as a result.
Why is my truck deciding to be a lemon after I've finished paying for the stupid thing?  I still can't get it registered!

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