Monday, December 2, 2013

My Head...

I'm really hoping this headache goes away soon, as I've had it since Thanksgiving.  And we're coming up on finals week.  Then my poor photography teacher gave me a tank to develop my film in it and didn't realize it did not have the light lock in the lid.  I opened it in preparation of pouring in the developer and saw the reels, only to slam the smaller lid back on.  To late, as about half the pictures are overexposed and useless.  But I can still use the other half.  I should have just checked to make sure it was on...just never had to before.
I have a essay due tomorrow that I'm still working on, and my play writing teacher wants us to 'revisit' one of the two plays we turned in during the semester.  I can do that, just not sure when.
Looks like rain...or snow right now.

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