Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Almost Over!

I just finished doing the final project for photography, though I might print two more pictures.  Turned in the last assignment for poetry yesterday, and nothing else is due this week.
Too bad the temperature dropped after yesterday's snow storm,  I couldn't get my truck window to roll down after work(needed to drop something off) because it had frozen shut.  The door wanted to be as well.
Today wasn't much warmer.  My hands got so cold on the way to photography that I dropped my water bottle. It was on an incline too, so I had to chase the stupid thing for a little while.
got called in to work early today, my poor manager caught something and was throwing up last night.  My allergies are trying to make another come back, which is not cool at all.
And my truck does not like the cold at all.

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