Saturday, December 21, 2013

Well, That Helps

We got even more snow yesterday and today.  Which is good for our little drought, but not so good for those of us who had to drive in it.
Then yesterday at work I was by myself with Santa for six hours.  My coworker who was scheduled to come in at noon asked another to come in, and they couldn't come in until three-and then didn't actually make it in until 3:30.  I was supposed to leave at 3.  And couldn't because of that and a jammed receipt printer.  The good news on that was I only had three people still needing to pay at that point.  One of the printers ran out of paper and ink, but the other could cover for that.  Ran out of the lower price gift cards about the same time, and couldn't get more.
Of course, the receipt printer started working after my coworker messed with it a bit.  Figures.  Then I get home-bought Subway for my long belated lunch that I didn't get while Santa took his break because I had to watch the set-and my brothers haven't gotten to shoveling the driveway.  Only one had gotten home by that point, and he'd gone to the library just after getting home from school.
Today wasn't that bad-we were even more rushed than yesterday(I had 45 groups before his break, and up to 100 by the time the security guard-who was trying to help with the printer issue-and I got Santa on break) but I did have a coworker come in by 11 so I was alone that time.
Then my grandma wanted family pictures, and those took up my whole afternoon. Sigh...

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