Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cold Showers...

Are supposed to feel good in the summer.  I think the name needs a little work though.
Tepid or lukewarm would be better, as an acutal cold shower is not fun. I had to take two this week and felt almost sick afterwards(we use an attic fan in the summer to keep the house cool.  The only problem is that it keeps blowing out the pilot light for the hot water heater...
Just got back from a three day camping trip in Moab.  The funny thing is that the last night I was there it got very cold-as in I was shivering under a blanket.  Thankfully I had a thicker sleeping bag I managed to crawl into. Didn't sleep all that great though.
My english teacher seems to have a very dismal view of my academic preformance in their class.  I think she has her standards way too high.

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