Monday, June 24, 2013


Not feeling too good, but that's because I ate something that doesn't agree with me.  Finished two classes, now starting a new one.  Magazine article writing, now that's going to be interesting.  The teacher actually wants us to write and submit to article to magazines.  They've actually had students get published during the semester.  Not a high number, mind, but a decent average.  They outlined the process of accepting/rejecting articles for a typical magazine.
Studied for my english final, but had to take a final (and turn in a bunch of other assignments) for another class so I don't have time to take it today.  Both my english classes this semester have an odd ratio of male to female-with more female than male by a lot.  And one of my classmates from 3080 is in my new class!
Supposed to be weed whacking at work again today...

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