Saturday, June 1, 2013


Going to work first thing in the morning when you usually go in the afternoon tends to mess things up-like your coworkers.  I went to work at 8 a.m. yesterday as my supervisor wasn't working past 3 (or so he hoped).  I went in at 8 so I could leave at the same time as the other afternoon hourly, who leaves at 4:30.  Not that either of us actually left at 4:30, due to locking up and trying to finish a project for my supervisor-FYI, weedwhacking a steep 30 foot hill all day is not fun.  Especially when the weedwhackers try to break down every few minutes-mine kept having string problems, and my coworker had starter ones. Sigh.  We wound up leaving at 4:45 because we wanted to get that done before the weekend.  Got most of it-the worst part-just not all of it.
A few of my coworkers were rather shocked that I was there that early-I guess they thought I'd stick to my regular schedule regardless.  They had a mini leave party for a supervisor who left yesterday.  One of the other supervisors bought Pizza Hut and shared with all of us there.
I had to keep breaking off my weedwhacking to water parts of the lawn.  Some are still on a manual valve so they essenitally have to be hand watered.  And there are a few that can't be watered together because there simply isn't enough water pressure.  So I have to time it.
But not a bad day.  Got a little sunburn, but I've had worse.  My dad's washing our dogs outside and they do not like it.

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