Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hmm... I think I was a little premature about snow.  We got an inch today.
Did you know that anything that increases your heart rate is stress?  Appearently excitment is stress, but the good kind.  Anger is bad, but dealing with it can help.  Coming home and kicking the cat may not be the best choice, as the cat didn't make you angry.  Denying that you are angry, and failing to do something about it, can be worse.  Alot of cardiac problems come from anger, but hiding or ignoring it increases the damage.
The different kinds of stress are called eustress and distress.  Eustress is good because you 'rise to the occasion' and then come back down.  Distress is bad because sometimes you don't come back down, and things give out from exhaustion.

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