Monday, October 22, 2012


Fun thought for the day.  Sitting in english today talking about instruction manuals.  One of my classmates asked what the bacon symbol meant on the hand driers in the bathroom.  She said she kept seeing it and couldn't figure out what the point was.
For those of you who might be confused (I was at first-then I got it) she was talking about the heat waves they put in the picture to demonstrate using the device.  But we all understood how it can be mistaken for bacon, as it looks a lot like that.  I know I thought that at one point, so it made a good laugh.  We discussed whether the artisit was hungry or thought you could cook bacon with one of the driers, so as to explain the resemblance.
With the weather today, it feels like walking over, under, and past one of those whenever I went outside, and anyone with hair longer than an inch knows what I mean.  At least we all had that 'windblown look'.  And thankfully it wasn't raining. Most of the time.
The leaves are turning late this year, at least around here.  But there were plenty of them flying around today.

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