Friday, October 19, 2012


About the whole teenage looking thing.  When you get a job working at a Junior high and teachers pull you over in the hall while running an errand, you get the impression they don't know you work there.  When people you just met are shocked to learn your over 20, that gets a little old.  Then when you and your just a little more than a year older sister go to a range and the front desk clerk talks pleasantly to your sister, then looks at you before turning back to her and asking if you're her child (trust me, it happened and I would have banged my head on the counter if not for wanting to aviod a headache later on).  That's getting frustrating.  Then when a friend of your parents asks them what level of high school you are in, you know you're stuck.  Granted, I had hints in high school when people thought my younger (by 2 years in fact) brother was older than me.  Yeah, I'm stuck.  A lot of people say I'll enjoy it when I'm older and still look good, but I keep telling them it doesn't help me now.  Even in college.

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