Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh no...

Remeber how my sister and her family + my oldest brother moved in with us temporarily?  well, they had a full grown pit bull with them.  Said pit bull does not get along well with small dogs.  Like ours for example.
My mom was petting the pit bull, named callie, when her dog, a male mix of chiwawa and something scotish I think, came over to say hi to my mom and give callie a friendly lick.  The lick somehow enraged callie, who grabbed my mom's dog, Indy, by the head and started shaking him like pit bulls do.
Thankfully Callie was wearing a harness we use while walking them, so my mom just had to grab that to pull her off Indy, who when released ran yelping to the other side of the room.  My dad disciplined Callie while my mom, second youngest brother and I tried to coner the now terrified Indy to check his injuries.
Callie is now confined to the room my sister uses, and Indy is a little leary of larger dogs.
Have you ever cleaned the underside of your fridge?  Because I did that with my dad today, and we didn't find a bunch of dust bunnies.  No, they were dust rats, and refridgerator magnets.  I think we waited too long between cleaning under there.
Got my article in, and realized when I got to work that I hadn't signed my cover letter. (argh...)  But I can't fix it now.
And I need a new topic for a new article...My dad gave me a good idea for one.

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