Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rain in Summer

Not actually a bad thing, due to current drought conditions.  But it is a little annoying to have it start pouring when you and your supervisor are trying to pick up and empty 14 garbage cans scattered on a soccer type field.  Plus heavy wind blew half of them over before we got there.  There were five or six tents set up, but the wind blew the rain right under them so they didn't give us any shelter.  Came home wet for the first time with this job as a result.  Felt really bad for my supervisor, as they didn't have a jacket, and I did.
I've become DD at work for yesterday and today.  My supervisor's License expired before they  realized it so they can't drive until it's renewed.  My younger coworker can't driver because they're under 18.  The only other swing shift coworker switched to morning or day shift yesterday.  But today's the last day for that, as my supervisor is taking tomorrow off to get it renewed.
My mom mentioned being worried that I had a lousy birthday-or at least felt that way about it.  While having my sisters celebrating theirs at the same time isn't the best, its better than nothing.  And even if I did, I wouldn't blame her.  Because my younger brothers didn't want to help with anything, my oldest brother ran off with friends (his excuse being I wasn't there at his) My sister not feeling well and being tired after sleeping  around fifteen hours, my other sister just getting off work and having to deal with her rambunctious 2 year old,  and my dad finding a few dog messes in the house.
I didn't get any presents either, but then I haven't got any on my birthday for a few years now.  My parents can't afford it, and everyone else is either out of money, never had any, or just forgot.
At least I got to sleep in a little today, with my english teacher doing individual meetings instead of class.  My article is done, at least for him to critique, and I wrote the cover letter for it.  That may need work though, given it's very short.

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