Monday, July 8, 2013


I have to admit, following my mom's blog is sometimes the only thing that can cheer me up for the day.  Usually because I'm at work and school all day and that gets rather tedious.  Her most recent blog was mentioning that my sister, her husband, their daughter, and the oldest of my younger brothers just had to move back in with us.  Granted I've never left-can't afford to, sorry mom-but both my sisters have, and the older two of my brothers did.  Now we're all back home.
Yesterday was fun with that though.  We spent a long afternoon playing Peanuts Monopoly-we bought it for my dad some time ago and thought he'd never open it as he's a collector of that stuff.  Someone quoted Shrek 2 :'it's so nice to have the family together for dinner' but skip the flying food part.
Saturday was rearranging of two rooms so my brother doesn't have to sleep on the couch(technically my sister and her husband sleep on two couches shoved together...) because he works nights.
Friday was another lonely night at work, as my supervisor went home early and my coworker couldn't stay late.  I was just gathering un-planted flowers and watering the newly planted ones.  My supervisor underestimated how many still needed to be planted though, as they thought I'd just need a kubota.  I filled the kubota, a mule, and still had to stick a few on the floor of the kubota.
Plus I found a broken sprinkler as I was heading back, and then I couldn't find the control valve to turn it off-I tried six or seven with no luck. Sigh...
Need to write the first draft of my article today...

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