Monday, July 15, 2013

Well That was Fun...

Spent friday prepping the campus for the concert sunday, and even stayed a half hour late moving garbage cans.  There was a department party friday as well.  Bowled with my coworker, who beat me quite soundly (they took a bowling class last fall).  Cleaned grass clippings and garbage out of the duck pond using long metal rakes.
Saturday was a bit chaotic.  Spent a lot of time entertaining my niece, and getting groceries with my parents.  Planned on going to a rodeo that evening, but the rain kinda cancelled that.  Rained friday morning too.  Been cloudy all weekend...
Have my final draft due wensday.  Still need to revamp it.  At least I have a good idea of where to go.  Got my magazine for it, and the envelopes with stamps.  Not sure how well my topic works with the readers for that magazine, but I'll try.
Saw Jack the Giant Killer saturday night.  Rather funny in my opinion.
Turned 25 yesterday!  And I think my siblings and my dad were all in bad moods.  My dad due to messes and other things, my sister to not feeling well, and my brothers because they didn't want to help with dinner.  Not feeling to great myself, but I woke up 'on the wrong side of the bed'.  Not in a bad mood, or having a bad day(my english teacher let us out and hour early to work on our articles) just slept weird I guess.
Probably going to have more cleanup today from yesterday...

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