Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh well,

Even if I can't take that one test, I can still pass the class(I'd rather not have that hanging over it though...) actually keeping up in my current class.  My teacher says that those of us who keep coming are keeping up(I did miss one assignment so far-argh).  We had to turn in a very detailed outline for our first article today.  It was rather fun to see what people came up with.  Outlines varied from one page to up to four.  Mine was one and a half, as I still need to get some info.
Works been interesting, as those on mow crew have only half the people there this week, they can't work tomorrow, and most took friday off.  Not sure how they're going to get it done this week...
Spent yesterday afternoon working with my supervisor getting sprinklers unclogged (at least five in critical areas had clogged) or spraying the right area.  I guess if the lawn mowers hit them just right it knocks them to the side so they hit the road, a wall, or the sidewalk instead.  Not sure how it works, but it happens.
We have a big event at the stadium today, so we spent the last five days cleaning the stands for it.  Yesterday we finished and set up garbage cans-I got to put liners in.
Really fun thing has been a set of sprinklers on the opposite side of campus that are supposed to be automatic.  The timers or something connected to that part went out, so my supervisor and I have to go run them manually alongside our regular set.  Makes a lot of driving back and forth during the evening.
The fourth is tomorrow! Fireworks!  And I get to run a 5k...

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