Saturday, July 27, 2013


That's all the clouds and rain have done so far.  But some person/people egged our house last night, so my dad and brother in law spent a good hour cleaning it up.  The rain helped a little, but not  much.
Hung out with a friend  and her sister and her sister's friend for a while (they wanted me to try Korean food).  Then we got 'disguises' and played around the mall for a hour.
Thanks to the weed whacking all week my thighs are covered with polka dot bruises, and my calves are polka dot welts.  My forearms are scattered nicks and cuts due to my short sleeves.
Got our piano tuned for my sister, but she feels that two keys still stick (too bad, as it took the rest of my spending money for the month to pay for the tuning).  At least it sounds much better.
The piano tuner said it liked being a half step low (as in the notes were that far off) and got mad at them for making it get back in tune.  Doesn't help that its been out of tune for at least ten years...

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