Monday, December 3, 2012

Things They Don't Tell You...

When you get federal grants you have a certain number of credit hours before they stop paying for it.  After 94 credit hours, they don't cover an associates, and after 189 hours they won't cover a bachelors.
Math is required for college graduation, no matter what.  So if you skipped out in high school, you're a little behind.
Picking and choosing majors because you have no idea which to go for only wastes you credit hours.  That's what student success centers and career placement areas are for.  Not many know that.
Most of the student needs for class stuff, like the above centers, are covered by student fees.  Why do you think they are so high?
Textbooks may be tax free, but they still cost a pretty penny.  And then you have any additional supplies for classes.
Certifications cost extra.  Any kind, no matter what.  It's even more for state ones.  I'm not going into national kinds.  That's a whole new level.
A D+ counts for graduation, but not for prerequisites.  That requires a C or higher.
Anyone wanting to be a tutor needs a B+ or better.  Otherwise forget it.
Parking permits are extra.  And they tend to cost $50 or more per semester.  That doesn't guarantee a parking place either.
Exercise is good for the health, but you rarely hear about people exercising in the rain.  Walking to school in the rain is worse, because you're trying to keep books and such dry along the way.  Snow is okay, as long as it's powder.  That just brushes off.  The other kind soaks in real fast.
Selling your textbooks back to the school give those taking that class a leg up because it costs less for them, but there isn't much benefit for you.  They give you a lot less than what you paid.

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