Monday, December 24, 2012


I had a strange dream a while ago.  I was following a large yet widely scattered group of people towards a tall mountain.  There was a road going around that I watched many people go along.  But the gorup I followed went to the mountain and began climbing up a sttep slope.  The 'wall' was made of a very thick mud like substance.  It was thick enough to provide hand and foot holds, yet soft enough I could dig my hands into it.  The previous climbers hand and foot holds would fade to nothing by the time I reached where they had been.  So each climber had to create their own.  There were several points where i slipped, but I didn't fall.  Finally I reached a ledge about midway up the mountain.  A girl was hauling herself onto this ledge as I reached it.  I woke up before I could see what was on the ledge, or even get on it.  But I remember feeling determined to get there.
Around this time of year people have many dreams.  Children want that special toy or set.  Adults want family time or vacation time.  Children are waiting for Santa to arrive, while those who are religious prepare to celebrate the birth of our lord and savior.
My dream is to see my family together, happy and safe.  I also dream of giving my father a reason to be as proud of me when I graduate from college as he was when my younger brother graduated from high school.  I dream of seeing snow on christmas morning, and watching my two year old neice play in it.
Everyone has dreams.  The question is, when and where we plan to achieve them.

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