Thursday, December 27, 2012


That's the most snow we've gotten in a while.  Still bitter cold though.  We might get even more.  Far too many accidents on the roads so far.  Mostly slid off's, but that's scary enough.
It's really fun trying to shovel the driveway.  The snow is powder so it's not heavy-though the buildup from snowplows in the gutter is a real pain to take care of.  If we don't it freezes in a thick bank that makes getting into the driveway a nightmare.  But the snow melts slightly with the snowblower, and leaves just enough to turn it into something akin to a ice rink.  Try to get enough purchase on that surface to shovel.  I nearly pulled a muscle trying not to fall-or do the splits-while clearing our driveway.
I bet those who go skiing or snowboarding are really happy now.  They just bundle up and head out for a long crazy day wherever they like to go.  I've never done either-would like to though-but it seems the perfect kind for that stuff.

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