Monday, December 10, 2012

Testing Weather Conditions

Taking finals is a pain during the last week of the semester.  I had two today and while the first wasn't a big deal, I had to wait in line for the second.  A good fifteen to twenty minutes.  At least they gave us soft chairs to wait in.  And additional study time.
We had fog last week.  For almost two days.  Kinda cool in my opinion, though I didn't have to drive in it.  Walking the crazy canines living in the same house is not fun though.  They try to take off after the next door neighbor's dog.  Doesn't help that said dog love coming into our yard to do his buisness.
Finally got snow! Not much though, and now it is really cold.  I believe we got below 25 degrees last night, so anytime I went outside my hands froze.  So the snow is powder, and we had ice on the windshields.  Makes me so glad to have a car that has a working heater.  Forget the a/c, I just want to be warm.  I can drive in heat.  Can't drive if my fingers won't move-or shake so much I'm driving all over the road.

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