Thursday, December 20, 2012


Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the highest paid job I've found right now is a socail media manager, and they work from home?  This 'postition' pays around $25 per hour and all they are doing is updating stuff on facebook and/or twitter, or commenting in youtube videos.  While I can see the point of these jobs, it seems a little ridiculous to pay them that much.  You get paid to be on the web a lot.
Granted, my parents earn spare cash 'shopping' so to speak.  They are asked to got to certain stores/restaurants/theaters and do stuff.  If they have to buy or watch something they get reimbursed for it.  Some times it's setting up displays or making sure the right one is there, so they get paid for that.  Not all of the jobs they've gotten are that easy-one had them run all over the stat getting gasoline samples from a certain gas station.  But most of the time it's fun.

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