Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things to Look Forward to...

The End
Of a long hard workout, especially one with a personal trainer.  Results from this are usually positive, but the effort and training is exhausting.
A chic flic your wife/girlfriend/daughter dragged you to.  or a bloody action one with husband/boyfriend/son.
Finals week, and all the testing, papers to write, projects to do from a very long semester.
The Holidays
Christmas and Thanksgiving spent with family (hopefully).  New years eve spent doing something fun (drive sober please).  Halloween, though that one seems to have lost popularity.  Easter, the fourth of July (fireworks!), Father and Mothers day.  Not to metion all the other ones.
Snow, and all the fun that comes with it.  Ice scating, snowball fights, igloo building, sledding (hopefully with a bit of a hill-large ones tend to put more danger in), Skiing, snowboarding.  Of course there is the shoveling of the driveway that someone's got to do before anyone can go anywhere.  I do wish for a white christmas this year, as the last few haven't been.
Rain, which cleans up everything outside and makes the yard smell nice for a while.  And there's no cleanup from you unless you left something out.
Family trips or vacations, whatever your preference is.  Just taking a break from things for a while.
The next book in a series coming out, when you've been waiting for so long to see what comes next.
Getting your drivers license, though I was terrified.  I don't like driving very much.  I understand the benefits, but i don't like the idea of getting in an accident.  Kind of wish my brothers would too, so I could stop having to drive them around.
Turning sixteen, eighteen, or twenty one.  Big milestones in the life of young people.
Finding time to be alone in a special place.  Most people don't have that, I think.
A new movie you've been dying to see.  Hopefully no crazy people to ruin the evening.
A new baby.  A new life beginning.  The start of a family, no matter what kind.
The end of Nanowrimo, which I actually made 50,000 words!  Now what to do with that story.....

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