Tuesday, November 6, 2012

12,000 and counting

Though if you're like my mom, you're over 15,000 by now.  Yes, I am talking about words she's written in a single story.  Nanowrimo is in effect.  Sigh.....
On the othe hand, math is finally going good.  I may finish early, which will give me more time to focus on other classes that I'm not doing so well.  I can hope anyway.  Leaves are falling all around.  On the rooftops on the ground.  Yes, thats a primary song I'm quoting.
English is about the same, but the two classes I'm taking online (that is not counting math) are something I'm struggling with.  I really don't like online classes, but at this point I have to take some online in order to get a full schedule-and get grants.  Makes the workload quite interesting. 
Another plus for today, got past my first aid practical, so once I pay for it I have a two year certification.

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