Monday, November 26, 2012


There are the classes you need to take, and then there is orgaizing them so you are not running from one end of the campus to the other.  I have one such issue on monday and wensday.  My second class of the day ends ten minutes before my final class, and unfortunately it's more than a ten minute walk from one to the other.  And it is uphill the mojrity of the distance.  So I wind up having to run up stairs for a good ten minutes, arriving at my class winded and often gasping.
That's where I promised myself to not do that again.  It may be good cardio exercise, but as it gets colder that means I have an even harder time breathing while running.  And carrying two-while small, they do drag on my arms-textbooks, a set of scriptures-a quad, for those who know what I mean-a half full water bottle  and a bag weighing roughly ten pounds.
Then I have to pull out my student I.D. to get in the building, while trying to breathe in the cold air.  So yeah, I'm not doing that again.

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