Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not so Fun...

Coming to school after a dentist appointment where they were just doing a routine checkup and ended up pulling two teeth that had become abcessed.  A friend of mine had that happen this week.  Not to mention it started bleeding a little right before class, so trying to talk after that was a bit of a linguistic exersice due to the gaze they put in their mouth to stop or at least contain the bleeding.
Trying to take a math test with a growing headache and you didn't have time to eat breakfast-yeah, I did that one.
Having two out of three teachers cancel class for thanksgiving the wensday right before but the third is still determined to hold it so you still have to go to school.
Getting elbowed in the head while helping someone get the lint off the back of their suit jacket-accidentally, of course.
Dropping the change you got from the parking lot attendant machine, right where you can't open the door to get it.
Having a huge windstorm the day of a huge test for a language class, and then still having to go take it. Yeah, trying to get to the building was still a lot of exercise, but everyone who tried made it there in one piece.
Getting sick right after midterm testing so that while you don't miss class, you don't get a nice break either.  As in really sick, by the way.
Having to go to a different location for a class and having the car breaks go out right as you hit them so you still rear end someone no matter how hard you try not to. Good news about that is the only damage was to my car, so it wasn't a big deal.  Did give both of us our heart attack for the day.
Or there is the one person who tries to make the green arrow at the light and pulls in front of two lanes of oncoming ttraffic who fortunatley stopped in time-I was one of those.  Still a heart attack though.
It snows the day after a test that you didn't have time to study for, so you don't get extra time-haven't personally done this one though. Just heard about it. It has snowed the day before a test for me, but not enough to make a difference.
It snows during class, and while your teacher does let you out early as a result, the roads are bad enough as is.  Getting home with bad tires in that senario was definately not fun.

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