Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Last One..

Had my last final today.  EMR, so I had an oral practical and a written.  Pretty sure I aced the oral practical, but I needed 80% or better on the final to certify.  Only got 79%. Figures.  One question and I don't even know what I did wrong. Sigh.
Looks like I got an A- in art, which is better than I thought I would.  Still no word on public speaking, but I'm not overly worried about it. Especially since my math score is sitting at a B+ after the final.  No official grades until next week, but I'm all done.
And the graduation ceremony is friday!  My dad's trying to see if he has time to go see the newest Star Wars movie before it starts.
My mom gave me her cold! Not cool the day before my last final!  But I'm doing what I can to get rid of it fast.  Not the sort of thing I can call in sick to work over, given that its mainly just a stuffy nose, sore throat and mild cough.  Should be gone by tomorrow-I hope.
Three days and counting...

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  1. Only if you're lucky...mines going on 2 weeks... :(