Tuesday, May 3, 2016


So far I'm passing!  An A in Studio Lighting-which I was worried about-and I wasn't expecting that high of a grade.  Maybe he's not as much of a stickler about the classes after seminar?  Seminar is a B+! Yes!!! Granted, I was also worried about that one, though I was not warned about failing at all so I must have been doing a lot better somehow.  Intro to Teaching is also an A, but that's no surprise.  It's a beginner level course and so aside from the field experience was rather easy compared to photo stuff.
However, still no word on my Experimental class! Well, that was the last final I took, so it may take longer.  I really hope I got a good grade.  Be nice to have my GPA be close to a 3.0.  Thanks to my grades from this semester so far I'm almost to a 2.8.
Had a very nasty wind storm over the weekend, which also did not help the cold I caught-now getting over thankfully, as I've got work tonight-and so I wasn't much help on the cleanup.  We didn't lose any trees, though my brother would argue about the three weed trees along the back fence that snapped as counting.  Our neighbors did, and one of them had several large branches fall as well.  We just got a bunch of small branches and pine needles mixed with cones all over the yard. Spent over an hour trying to clear that up but my cold wouldn't let me do much more.  My siblings got most of the rest, but we still have the hill and the back to do.
My niece was with us from sunday night to this morning, but due to my cold I could't play with her much.  Don't want to get her sick as she has some lung problems already.  My sister in law was also sick, and yesterday it evolved into a real problem with breathing so that my brother ran her to the E.R.  Still not sure what's wrong, but they got her on meds that are helping.

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