Thursday, April 28, 2016

And it's Done!

For the semester anyway.  Last final yesterday, then a interview and clearing out my locker from school.  Then picking up stuff-like that photo from the contest-and making sure I didn't forget anything.  Which was a lot.  Nearly forgot the photo, then had to go back for the sweet tarts I brought for my class in hopes of cheering them up for our 7 a.m. final.  Worked better than I thought.  Nearly all my classmates wanted some.
Tuesday was a crazy long morning shift, which I could live with as it made it so I could do my studio lighting final.  I'm still worried about it, even though my grades so far are great.  Lowest is actually Seminar, and that's a solid B for the moment.  We were able to get snacks from a party downstairs so no one was grouchy and hangry for the crit.  I really wish my photos had turned out better though...
After my last final I had the interview for that on campus job which would pay the majority of my last semester's tuition.  I had fun, but I'm not sure if I'll get it.
Then all afternoon yesterday was helping my brother and his wife move out of their apartment, which meant I didn't get to bed til after midnight-none of us did-and so I crashed this morning until after 10.  Given that I have nothing to do until work, except clear out my truck of their stuff, I can't say it was a wasted morning.
Still hoping I passed everything...

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