Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I want to be excited, but I'm also so nervous that I don't know how to feel.  Found out yesterday that I was a winner in a contest I entered, which means I get a prize, but they also want me to talk about it for 5 minutes at the presentation-I think that's what it is-and bring in a framed version for it. Plus I can bring family along.  And I'd have to leave class early for it too(good news is it doesn't conflict with work at all).
Have what looks like a bruise from donating, but it doesn't hurt.  Just makes my arm look a little weird-very odd spot for a bruise-and me a little self conscious about it.
Shooting the class project today, which seems to have everyone nervous.  I'm judging that based on the number of texts that keep coming through the group text I suspect the teacher set up for that reason.  Glad my phone's on vibrate, given I'm in a library and my text alert tends to be rather loud.
Hope dinner works out today...

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