Monday, April 25, 2016

Two Down...

and two to go on finals.  So far I know I got an a in intro to education, but the other classes are still up in the air.  Seminar final today went well, but we did have to rush a bit so everyone had a chance.  only have done with experimental, but I don't go til wednesday and I have to keep track of my project as I've lost three prints so far due to them falling down-or in one case being taken down and moved around twice-and the janitors throwing them away.  Saved four from that, and found the one but have to reprint the three and stick those up. Sigh....
At least I've got all but one ready of my studio final, and that one I have time tonight to do.  Should be interesting as I got an assortment of poses for the last one, and I'm not sure which one I want to use.
Got an interview for an on campus job that should pay for 90% of my last semester's tuition!  This is one I'd really like to do, as it uses my photo skills and lets me play around a bit.  But I don't get directly paid so I still have to keep my other job if I get this one.  Which I was planning to anyway.
Ah well, those prints are done so I get to run around with tape and put them back up.  Here's hoping they stay this time!

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