Monday, April 4, 2016

A First...

my school and institute was having a blood drive today and I had time to donate.  Unfortunately it didn't work as the flow kept stopping so I fell short of a full donation.  They can still use it for research and stuff, just not for patients.  Figures.  But I tried.  Means I'm way tired after hauling a rather bulky fan around for use in a class project-part of the witch thing-so I have to be careful.
General Conference was the last few days, and I got to listen to most of it-missed the last little bit of the saturday afternoon one, but they were nearly done-despite having work.  Some interesting topics.  Was expecting the refugee one, but family counsels? not something I'd have thought to do. Was a bit ironic considering the one my family had last wednesday.
I forgot two assignments over the weekend! gah!  Supposed to submit a proposal for my exp class as my final project-turned it in after I got to school today-and then we spent the whole class discussing everyone's to see if we can get some details worked out.
Then I forgot we needed to have an artist statement 1st draft for seminar as well.  Funny that only two of my classmates remembered out of all of us. So it was moved to wednesday.  Now I've got to work one out with the new direction my project's taken.  Or just rework the free write I did to cover it more.  We'll see.
Supposed to finally crit the last assignment in studio lighting-not the final, just the last big assignment before the final and the class project-today.  Glad I got that done a week ago.

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