Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not Good

It seems there's a bug going through my professors this week.  The early morning one is starting to feel sick, the other has been sick and is getting worse so monday's late class ended early and yesterday's late class was cancelled.  At least I've got my project done for crit so no worries there.  But hopefully it won't spread much more.  I'd rather not have anyone else get it.
My classmates think I've finally got a specific thing going for seminar-which I don't object too, just a little worried that the teacher wants me to have more by monday when my next crit isn't until the next week-and my experimental project went well.  Lots for stairs involved in all of them though.
Got to plant seeds yesterday-double checked them today to ensure they'd set properly-inside the greenhouse so they'll be ready for when the weather finally warms up and stays that way.  Hopefully can get the garden ready today or tomorrow.  Cloudy but not much rain today so there's hope for tomorrow at least.
Trying for an after school art teaching job nearby, but they want my portfolio...which means I've got to make one up.  Have plenty of stuff, just put it together-and find it-for them.  Would be fun though...

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