Monday, March 14, 2016


My mom and I had a rather interesting conversation about these new lights they put up along the highway where we live.  They are about 100 feet from the traffic lights and flash when the lights are about to change and stop when it turns green.  We were debating as to whether it was for accident prevention or to stop people from running red lights.
In institute we got a bit off the lesson plan-not really off subject though-when a classmate asked about the difference between doing something because your hearts in it and doing it because you believe you're supposed to.  Went a bit over time talking about it, and it related to the lesson so no one complained.  I for one have no problems spending a little extra time in that class.  They felt bad as the teacher had to do a kind of 'summary in 60' to get the last of the lesson in.
Got paper from my teacher for experimental so I have the prints for my book and I've got them folded.  Now I need to 'stitch' them together, and glue it all up.
Had fun messing around with a bunch of flashlights, my sister's extra origami paper, and the stairs in my house.  Made for a bit of a 'rave' series according to a classmate.
Supposed to be getting fitted for the class project in studio, so this should be interesting.

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