Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The weather from sunday through today is most certainly.  We got rain through monday morning, snow after that, a very short sprinkle in the afternoon, and hail before my last class.  Kind of been snow since.  Not really sticking, and if it is it's melting very fast-ground's too warm for it to stay-but makes driving fun.
Did a costume check for the class project yesterday, which was fun but some of those costumes are really itchy for long wear.  A few members were missing, so they will either not be in it or have to get some later.  The performing arts department-figures that the photography department wouldn't have much of a selection of that stuff-set them aside for us so we don't have to store them until the shoot.
Today was normal, though the presentators seemed rather nervous-I totally understand, can be very unsettling for those who are not used to it(spent 3 years of college getting used to the idea, and I'm still very nervous beforehand)-but they managed to pull it off.
Now for lunch....

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