Monday, March 28, 2016

Ever Notice?

I've found that every time I log into my email or school site I get a note from that site mentioning that I'm not on the same computer as last time.  When I'm at school I can't use the same computer every time as there really is no need to and I can't ensure that given how many other students could be using it. At home is different, but its just interesting.
Rain, sleet and mainly snow all day today so far, which means I'm delaying going outside so my coat has more time to dry. The snow stuck to everything except the sidewalk and roads, so everything so wet and very cold. My classmates are a little mad, but what can they do about it?  I almost wish it would stay til dark as I wanted to see if it would affect my night shots, but at the same time getting wet for it is asking to get sick.
Easter! Missed Women's Conference-we talked about it last night which was nice-due to work, it actually made work crazy(that and Easter) so getting the store clean was a bit of a struggle.  We ran out of just about everything though, so it made it a good night in that regard.
My boss collaborated with another store owner to give all their employees a free viewing of Batman vs. Superman that night, which was kind of 3 days of late night early morning counting today.  Not bad though.  Not sure I like that idea of Batman, but I think it was good.  Lex was definitely insane, which is his role from what I understand.
My parents were baby sitting my nieces over friday night so we got to take them to the family Easter Egg Hunt-just a local one at my aunt's house-so that was fun.  Had to convince the oldest not to eat all of her candy afterwards.  Youngest had fun finding and opening eggs, not so into eating stuff that day.
One more shot for my studio class project that I need to do today. Have the stuff for my other two already done for wednesday.
I really wanted to stay in bed this morning, but it has been fun catching snowflakes on my tongue between classes to try and wake myself up.

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